Friday, September 2, 2011

Disney Flash Back Friday :-)

Welcome back to another edition of Flash Back Friday, hosted by Magical Days with the Mouse.

Sorry I missed last weeks post. It was a long week for me, and was in a rush to head home Friday night. I completely forgot to blog....

But alas, I am back, and have a picture that I just happen to snap about 7 years ago, while looking at Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I didn't realize, how dramatic the dark cloud looked until I had developed the film and looked at the picture. The gloomy cloud over the castle really gave it a different feel. I was proud of my picture LoL. I'm not normally a "good" picture taker, I leave that to my wife.

Well that's it for this weeks Flash back. Please follow the links to visit the other Disney Flash Backs, and thanks for reading mine :-)


  1. That cloud is great!! I love how there is a dark gloomy cloud, yet the castle is still lit with sunshine. Kinda symbolic. Glad to see you back. :)

  2. That picture really did turn out great!